Making More of Music with Gigajam

As a music teacher I’m sure you’ll agree that learning to play an instrument has huge musical and educational benefits for students, although providing every child with the opportunity to do so is one of the greatest challenges in music education.

As Ofsted reported in 2009:

“The provision for music was good or outstanding in around half the schools visited. However, the quality and range of the provision for music varied too much. While many pupils were benefiting considerably, others were missing out.”

This is one of the key findings in Ofsted’s Making More of Music report. Gigajam can help you make more of music by addressing this and other challenges in the report, for only £1 per pupil per annum.

Making More of Music presentation.

Ofsted key findings

Gigajam and how we can help


Ineffective assessment, presented by challenges in providing continual assessment and reliance on terminal assessments.

Xtractor Software

Gigajam’s Xtractor’s analysis provides pupils with visual formative assessment for each exercise they perform.


These assessments can be stored online in an ePortfolio, providing summative assessment and the opportunity for teacher and student commentary.


Pupils enjoyed music, but did not always make as much progress as they might have done.

Personalised learning

Gigajam lesson content and software simulates a one to one experience and students are able to work on their instrumental skills in greater depth.

Independent learning

The supported nature of the multimedia provides sustained support for the student. Access anytime anywhere allows greater opportunity to practice and develop skills.

Blended learning

Instrumental skills developed with Gigajam enable students to perform live together in bands, and complement and support programmes like Musical Futures.


The quality and range of the provision for music varied too much.

Award winning

Gigajam is a high quality pathway of instrumental tuition for guitar, bass, keyboard and drums that enables students to develop instrumental skills & perform as bands.

Underuse of ICT

Music technology and ICT was underused, especially at KS3.

Harnessing technology

As a digital product accessible via the web, Gigajam is engaging to young people. It familiarises students with the interaction between instruments and computers, providing skills and music creation in a wide variety of scenarios.

Lasting impact

The programmes provided outstanding benefits, but not all the programmes were of sufficient duration or quality to have a lasting impact.

Debut grade to grade 5 skills

Gigajam’s lesson content is a significant pathway of study that supports student progression from the top of primary, through transition and onwards to KS4 music and accreditation.

Key Stage 4

Few pupils continued with music into KS4.

Skills based learning and participation

Providing more students with active engagement and hands on experiences makes them feel musical. Developing skills over a sustained period with demonstrable progression creates more musicians that can engage fully in all aspects of music making, be it performing, recording, or composing.

The development of musical skills increases students’ confidence in treating music as a viable and enjoyable option as they approach KS4.