Video Tutorials

The new Gigajam Video Channel is designed to provide informal ‘How to use Gigajam’ tutorials, as well as some teaching and learning ideas for getting the most from GigajamVLE.

The videos are presented in an order that would be consistent with our INSET training, but please feel free to view as you wish.

If you need any further support or have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us at or +44 (0)1494 534880

How to use GigajamVLE : Using Songbooks

Gigajam's content extends to the provision of a series of songs written specifically so that students can apply the specific skills they have acquired through the course. This video shows how students, who have studied up to lesson 6, can play the song Darkened Streets from Gigajam's Level One Songbook. There are 4 other tracks available some samples of which are available on our teacher resources pages You can also hear more tracks available on our online store website: