"There can be few schools in the Southwest that can boast every child in KS3 is learning a musical instrument – at no cost to their parents!"

"One of the most rewarding aspects of the programme has been the unrivalled enthusiasm many of the students have shown towards their lessons and the incredible progress some individuals have made. It really has brought out the best musical talent in every child. Another very positive knock-on effect from the experience has been the number of students starting to take up instrumental lessons with an instrument they have begun to master in the classroom, and of course the emerging student rock bands."

"Although it all looks quite daunting, don’t underestimate how quickly our youngsters pick up the technology! ."
Ian Wright, Head of Music, Tiverton High School


"We are very pleased with GigajamVLE. The students are engaged with the learning process and have easily understood how to navigate the site.

"It was my intention to only use Gigajam across the whole key stage 3 for a half term Jan – Feb. With the updates made to the site in Feb, particularly the inclusion of ‘stars’ for completion and attainment this has galvanised students to become more competitive than before! This is a most welcome addition and we now use these stars in our own whole school house merit system.

"The schools uploads leaderboard has also been excellent in showing the Senior Leadership Team how well we are doing in comparison with other institutions across the whole of the UK.

"We will be finishing with Gigajam at the end of this term (start of April) and will not revisit during curriculum time until Jan 2013. This should give a chance for the other schools to catch us up!!!! "
Ian Hodgson, Head of Music, Royal Portora School, NI


"Having been recognised as an accredited school for Gigajam I am delighted at the tremendous range of opportunities it has provided for our school and our pupils. It has had a really positive impact on delivering a personalised approach to learning for pupils within Pleckgate and we are now at the forefront of using Music ICT as an aid to deliver the new National Curriculum at KS3.

"Every single child in Pleckgate in Year 7 to 9 receives the equivalent of a full year's tuition on either drums, electric guitar, bass guitar or keyboard and we are the only school in this area of the country to do so. The obvious impact has been on increased motivation for music and all associated activities and it has had a tremendous impact on the ethos of achievement across the school and has certainly raised the profile of music in this multicultural establishment. Long may it continue."
Robin Campbell, Head teacher of Pleckgate High School, Blackburn


"The interactive learning method is highly engaging for pupils and they like the instant feedback from Gigajam’s Xtractor software. The quality of backing tracks and instructional videos is impressive

"Gigajam software in secondary schools will bring considerable benefits for pupils learning the guitar, keyboards and drums, and could be a valuable resource for pupils who would have previously learned in an informal way."
David Burridge, Kent Music Advisor


"The number of children who are now learning to play instruments across the school as a whole has increased, and not necessarily just the Gigajam instruments, but it has sparked an interest in music. Boys in particular are definitely engaged during the lessons – it has the cool factor!

"We are going to be looking into purchasing more instruments in the future. Gigajam is definitely a great project for Year 6.” "
Jan Jones, Headteacher, Buckingham Primary School


"With the emphasis on playing together the product fosters the building of groups within a music culture. There really are few products on the market that encourage this team building and this has led to many enjoying the results of the bands when they perform."
Simon Elledge, Music AST Wandsworth CLC


"The learning experience is often driven by the students when following a Gigajam course. The students become competitive and want to beat each other’s scores, making it easy to get them motivated. When running a Gigajam session I find myself just providing technical support and offering the odd word of advice rather than teaching full on."
Greg Myles, ICT Technician, Northampton School for Girls


"Gigajam has been a roaring success at Rawmarsh CLC. It has enabled us to train up to 20 students at any one time, which has allowed us to engage with many. The very nature of delivery, a combination of software and support from a professional musician, has proved to be dynamic."
Trish Sharp, Rawmarsh City Learning Centre


"Pupils have been keen to remain after school to enable them to work on Gigajam and are very enthusiastic about the approach taken."
Dr James Houghton, Kineton High School


"Gigajam is great as it is almost like having a 2nd teacher!"
Simon Spring, Music Teacher, Callington College


"Overall, it seems to have been a slow but steady rate of progress and Gigajam is gradually being recognised as a valuable music program."
Sheila A Crew, Director CLC3, Gigajam Mentor Centre for Bristol


"The appeal of learning from scratch with an ordered criteria means students are almost instantly empowered to work without supervision, leaving them unpressured and able to establish their own pace of learning."
Claire Rose, Ansford Community School


"A great motivational tool – virtually eliminated off task pupils!"
Dave Perrett, Music Teacher, Estover Community College


"The analyser was a very useful tool in focusing the student with the activity."
Ian Wright, Music Teacher, Tiverton High School


"Speaking of excellent practice, this week I went to visit the South Manchester City Learning Centre, and was joined by representatives from Salford and Manchester music services. We were working with a year six group looking at a blended learning model of music-making where they were having a class using Gigajam software, with teachers supporting their learning and performances incorporated into the class. The actual music room was set up in a really innovative way, equipped for performance with computer desks around a central stage, which even had a lighting rig!

"I watched an incredibly shy child - who had been playing the guitar and was learning the drums - get up and perform in front of the entire class. A big lesson was the combination of really thoughtful facilitation from the teachers and the use of innovative e-learning programmes like Gigajam. This approach can really bring alive the excitement of learning but more importantly, the excitement of making music. "
Marc Jaffrey, Music Manifesto Champion


"After lessons there are clubs galore and many students take part in extra curricular activities. Many play sport and many make music. The gigajam sessions are especially popular and lead onto the Rock and Pop School."
Mrs Joan Martin Chair of Governors, Northampton School for Girls


"Gigajam has definitely had an impact, we have high numbers of students taking up GCSE next year as a result of taking up the instruments. A great performance at the Christmas show was as a direct result of Gigajam!"
Polly Kent, Head of Music, Bradley Stoke Community School


"I think Gigajam is worth the price, but you do have to put the effort in to get the kids to use it. I'd also suggest you look at the VLE version so your group can access the lesson materials at home. One of the great things about Gigajam is that Brian Green, the MD is so helpful with his support before and after purchase. It's worth contacting him and just having a chat... and he's a genuinely nice bloke! "
Anonymous TES Connect Forum


"We use it for students through the SEAL project and the enjoyment and interest has been wonderful. I have students who come into school because of GIgajam, others who are very vulnerable in the hurly burly of school life who love the calmness of the atmsphere and the setting up of the stuff is all part of the independence. Ofsted thought our use of it was brilliant. I agree - Brian Greene is lovely - helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble. The other spin off is that we use the midi guitars and drum kits a lot with all year groups so I had a massive influx into my overstretched budget! Good luck - let me know if you want anymore info."
Anonymous TES Connect Forum


"I have to say that I am completely blown away with the approach of the pupils towards Gigajam. I have started videoing classes because EVERY student is always on task and making progress. These are year 9 classes which by now know what they are choosing next year. I am certain Gigajam will convince some more to take it as an option. Pupils help each other, make encouraging noises that they can do an excercise with practice - that doesn't happen usually. I have pushed the credits idea, and each pupil is uploading work as they complete it. It really is a top class system."
Sean Ashmore, Head of Music, Pleckgate


"A great motivational tool that virtually eliminated off-task pupils. It’s nice when the pupils work harder than the teacher!"
Dave Perrett, Estover Community College

Now check out how Gigajam works.

"My experience with Gigajam has been a very positive one. I would strongly encourage colleagues to check out the Gigajam website and experience it for themselves."
Matthew Haworth, Egglescliffe Comprehensive School

Have a look a the benefits for you and your pupils.

"The most innovative element of the Gigajam courses is the Analyser software. The idea that a computer could in any way simulate the experience of one to one tuition seemed a long way off until I’d seen the Gigajam courses in action."
Greg Myles, Northampton School for Girls

Read about Gigajam in action in Northampton Schools for Girls' case study.

"The Gigajam system helps to teach children who have no experience, to play an instrument. It is a fun way of teaching and encouraging the children to become independent in the way they learn music."
John Frearson, Smallthorne Primary School

Have a look at our course outline and examine the learning objectives for each lesson.

"Gaining Specialist School Status is about whole school improvement and adding Gigajam to our curriculum means that our 630 students will be able to learn a musical instrument, as well as being able to develop their ICT skills."
Elaine Skinner, St Bernard’s Catholic School

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