Teacher resources

We have produced a number of resources that will prove useful to teachers in implementing and delivering Gigajam in a wide variety of situations.

The lesson plans are designed to familiarise both teachers and learners with the course content and software. They also provide suggested structures for using the lessons with additional resources and extension activities.

Within the glossary you will find answers to all your jargon busting queries.

The extension activity workbooks contain assignments that can be set upon the completion of each lesson by the student.

All the latest updates and components required to install and run the Gigajam software suite in your school can be found in the software downloads section.

In the curriculum updates section you will find new content and corrections for the Gigajam courses.

Gigajam and Yamaha have teamed up again to produce four fantastic posters for your music department. With high quality pictures the posters come with informative and relevant musical information that students can refer to easily. Feel free to take a look here at these great resources.