"From a music teacher’s perspective, Gigajam is a unique music programme that does what no other software I have seen does; namely actively keeping music live by encouraging pupils to learn to play musical instruments."
Jenny Hulme, Haywood CLC

How Gigajam works

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How to use Gigajam

You can watch more ‘How to use Gigajam’ tutorials, on our video channel and see how Gigajam works. There are some teaching and learning ideas for getting the most from GigajamVLE.

Detailed lesson notes

Easy to follow notes guide the student through each lesson step-by-step. The text is narrated to aid comprehension and to allow the students to refer to instruments while studying.

Videos show each exercise and technique

Each exercise and technique is demonstrated by a video played by the course tutor.

Play along and record performances

The play-along files are designed to work with Gigajam’s highly interactive Xtractor software. This allows students to adjust the tempo of the exercises, cycle sections to practice and also adjust the settings on the full band backing tracks.

Analyse performances for instant feedback

Analyser software gives instant note for note feedback to the student giving them an audible and visual analysis of their performance and an overall percentage score.

Store performances for grading in a personal online e-portfolio

Students can upload their performances to their own e-portfolio. These performances can be shared with assessors, teachers, friends and family and used as proof of attainment for formal accreditation and qualifications.

Gigajam’s e‑portfolio is available to all Gigajam users including school/college students, online students and face to face students.