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“The idea that a computer could in any way simulate the experience of one to one tuition seemed a long way off until I’d seen the Gigajam courses in action.”
Greg Myles, Northampton School for Girls

Benefits for you and your students

Whole class musical instrument tuition

Imagine giving every single student in your class and school the opportunity to play a musical instrument…well now you can with Gigajam. Teachers can lead the class and support learning, while students work with their instruments and computers individually or in small groups. The guitar, bass, keyboard and drum lessons are fully integrated, which means that the class can learn together and then play as a band… even from lesson one.

Personalised and collaborative learning

Students can learn to play the instruments at their own pace and develop skills both as an individual and as part of a band, resulting in students having the tools to explore their creativity. The rich multimedia contained in the lessons supports a wide variety of learning styles.

Structured pathways

Gigajam’s structured pathways ensure progression and enable the learners to continue to study in situations where the class teacher is unavailable, or when
practising, whether individually or in a band.

Supports National Curriculum outcomes

Gigajam provides genuine skills essential to the aims of the National Curriculum. Key musical outcomes can be demonstrated through the use of Gigajam’s curriculum and extended activities.

Embeds ICT in Music

Students are able to develop their ICT skills using a practical application through Gigajam, as well as developing the skills required for music technology.
Gigajam can also be made available for anytime, anywhere learning through a school’s Virtual Learning Environment.

Interactive multimedia lessons

Each instruction is coupled with a video of a professional musician giving “how to” demonstrations of techniques and performance standards. Every exercise has playalong music to support learners’ practice. Multimedia can be selected to suit individual learning styles. Once students are comfortable with the exercise, they can use Gigajam’s analysis software to evaluate their progress.

eAssessment – instant performance feedback

Gigajam’s Analyser software provides formative assessment for learning that enables the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve their performances. Teachers can see and track the progress of students’ work. Saving students’ performances provides evidence of progress and achievement.

Music technology vs teaching with technology

In using ICT to support learning and teaching throughout the curriculum, confusion can arise with the terminology associated with music technology. We believe that using Gigajam’s Essential Skills Course to teach a student how to play a musical instrument is teaching with technology. Music technology, however, is the term used to describe industry standard sequencing, recording and notation applications.

Such music technology applications are essentially tools for the creation of music. Therefore music technology applications can be used to reinforce music tuition, but do not actually teach students how to play a musical instrument. Gigajam’s Essential Skills Course complements music technology applications by providing the skills students need to creatively use music technology. Music technology helps musicians create music. Gigajam helps create musicians.